Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Hector set his book down. It was the last one of Thaddeus’s novels.  In order to prepare for his role, Thaddeus had insisted that Hector read all of the books about his superheroes. Thirty years of writing for Thaddeus took Hector two weeks to read. In the words of Thaddeus, “your superpower is your knowledge.”

Hector had never really thought of himself as any kind of superhero or villain. When he was younger, most children dreamed of flying, Hector had dreamed of finding a new way to fly. One that would make rocket ships obsolete.  He didn’t like the idea of magically being able to do anything. What was the challenge in that?

Eventually, it was recreational period, and Hector had a phone call to make. There was a long line of people, but they spread out and let Hector go to the front. Evidently, they had heard what had happened to the four people who had attacked him. However, they heard it was eight people, and three of them were dead.

Hector got to the front of the line, and stood there waiting for the person using the phone to be done. The phone-user looked up like child who had been caught with his hand in his father’s wallet.

“Baby,” the caller said hastily, “baby I’ve gotta go. I know, I know, baby… Love you too! Bye!”

The caller turned to Hector, “a-after you… Sir.”

Hector shrugged. He’d never threatened the guy, but it was useful that everyone was afraid of him. After all, he wasn’t here to make friends.

He recalled the phone number that Thaddeus had given him weeks before and punched it into the phone. The phone on the other line rang once, and then was picked up.

“Mr. Smith,” said Hector, calling him by his birth name, “I’m ready.”

Hector was lead into a plain, silver, eight by eight foot room, with a large, cushion less chair in the middle of it. Next to the chair, was some sort of machine with wires protruding from it. Thaddeus and Doctor Truman were waiting on either side of the chair. Truman then indicated for Hector to sit.

Hector got in the chair, and they pulled some straps from the arm and wrapped them around his wrist.

“The effects can be shocking, and you may lash out. We’re doing this for your safety and ours,” Truman explained. Hector nodded, but he was still nervous. There were few things that Hector was afraid of, and not being in control of his movements was one of them.

Doctor Truman proceeded to place wires onto Hector’s head. Hector recognized each spot where they were being put. The frontal lobe, in order to read his movement, intelligence and behavior among other things. The parietal lobe, for intelligence reasoning, language, and reading. The occipital lobe, for his vision. The temporal lobe, for his hearing, emotions, and other sensory details. The plugs weren’t set up in the areas of the brain required for breathing, and other necessary for survival functions. Those would take care of themselves.

“This will hurt a bit,” Truman warned.

Thaddeus stood over him, “remember the mission, Hector. If I know you as well as I think I do, you will be back before you know it.”

Just then, Hectors brain felt like it was exploding. He could feel electrical currents run back and forth inside of his head. He was dimly aware that he was screaming in pain, which was something that had rarely ever happened to him. He longed to drop to his knees, but his wrists were completely confound of movement underneath the straps.

Just when Hector was sure that his brain had turned into a jello-like swimming pool in his skull, he found himself standing in the middle of a crowded street. Hector looked around, and saw a skyscraper with a huge letter M on it. The voice of Thaddeus rang inside of his head.

“Hector,” the voice said, “can you hear me? Dr. Truman assures me that you can. You are currently in Saint Charles, the city of Mark Mingus, also known as the Mind Doctor.”

Thaddeus didn’t need to say anymore. Hector had read the books, he knew all about the Mind Doctor. To the general public, he was Mark Mingus,a billionaire researcher neurologist who had made huge steps for humanity in brain research. Mingus had since expanded his operations into numerous philanthropy programs and had revitalized the city, all the while digging up dirty secrets from corrupt politicians and stopping petty crime. His superpower… Mind reading and control.

Hector had to appreciate Thaddeus’s sense of irony. His mind had been taken control of in order to fight a mind controller. Hector had already thought out how to take out the Mind Doctor, and the solution was easy, take him out from a distance.

This could not be an intelligence operation where Hector would use a disguise or an alter ego, because the idea of tricking a mind relder was absurd. He must set a trap.

Hector then heard Thaddeus’s voice in his head, “I made this easy for you, go to the Mingus Tower and examine the key card reader.”

The building was about one hundred feet away from Hector, but with the foot traffic, it took him about two minutes to get there. When he got to the front door, he bent down and studied the key card reader. On the reader, in faded black letters, it read, “Rookman Industries,” Hector’s security company that he had made his billions on.

Now that breaking into the building was easier than he could have imagined, Hector just had a few things he needed to pick up. At nightfall, Hector would make his move.


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