Stevie Wonder vs. Daredevil

Of all the people to rap against me
They make me face this Ray Charles Wannabe?
I fought Spider-Man, and I kicked his DONKEY
You’re not even a fighter man, you will not last
I prey on on your Superstition
I move so fast I make you look as slow as Fisk Wilson
With all the hurt I’ll be dishin’ you’ll be wishin’ it was The Punisher doing the punishin’

Stevie Wonder
You seem angry
Why don’t you take a metronome and count to three
Once you calm down, then you can talk to me
You actually think I’m scared
Cross me even the Devil wouldn’t Dare
I hope you have your wits about
Because we’re about to Sir Duke it out
Of my victory, there is no doubt
I’m about to have a rap attack that goes so fast that you’ll need life insurance
Better call Ben… Affleck

I can tell your nervous, I hear your heart beating
This place is overheating
Because I spit fire so hot, I’m like a dragon breathing
Your words you’ll be eating
You think you can beat me? You couldn’t be my sidekick even
I’ll let you go now if you repent
Stand trial for your sins
Nelson and Murdock represent
And don’t try me again
Because when it comes to rapping, I’m the Kingpin

Stevie Wonder
Call me Eminem because I’ll keep rapping
Call me Einstein, because I’m a force that won’t be stopping
Call your daddy, because this beating is free
Call me JOHN CENA, because you can’t see me
Your name is Matt, because I’ll step all over you
You can’t defend yourself against this verbal abuse
I wonder what drugs the writers had to be on to create you
Pick up your phone, it’s me, I’m Just Calling to say I hate you


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