via Daily Prompt: Fortune

The man walked toward the vending machine for lottery tickets. He took out a crinkled up ten-dollar bill and fed it into the machine. After spitting it out a couple of times, the machine finally gave in and swallowed the bill. The man pushed a few buttons and took a ticket from the machine.

The ticket read “Win a Fortune” in bold and colorful letters, but the man had never won anything. Not even a dollar. When asked why he bought a ticket from the same lottery every day, the man would smile and say that he knows the day he doesn’t buy one, someone else will be the winner.

He fumbled around his pocket until he found his lucky coin. It was a football-shaped penny that his dad bought him at a museum when the man was five-years old. The edge of the penny had dulled and turned black from scratching off countless lottery tickets. His dad told him that since this penny was chosen among all of the other pennies to be crushed, then its luck could only increase from there. Thus far, the theory had proven to be incorrect.

Just like any other day, the man won nothing. He smiled regretfully at the cashier, and walked out the door. He looked down at his watch, which read 9:15. He should be getting home soon. He didn’t like to be away from home much past 9:00.

The man looked both ways, and walked cautiously across the street. He’d always been weary of the street ever since a drunk driver grazed him along the side of his car and broke the man’s arm. The doctor told the man that he was lucky it wasn’t worse. The man just wondered what the odds were that he crossed the street at the same time as a intoxicated driver with dysfunctional headlights.

The man reached for his phone only to remember it had fallen out of his pocket into a puddle a couple of days ago. Eventually, he got to his apartment building, and walked up the stairs. He always took the stairs after the time the elevator shut down and trapped him for three hours.

He got to his door, and forced the heavy wood to open.

“Daddy!” came a screech, and the man’s four-year-old daughter ran up and hugged him. She was supposed to be in bed, but she always waited up for him. His wife walked out of his bedroom bleary-eyed, but happy to see him. And at that moment, that man was the most fortunate person in the entire world.